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Married Member: Spouse: 18 years old up to 65th birthday
Children: at least 2 weeks old up to 21st birthday, unemployed & fully dependent on the insured for financial support.
Single Member: Parents up to 65th birthday
Single Parent: Children at least 2 weeks old up to 21st birthday, unemployed and fully dependent on the insured for financial support, but to submit proof of affiliation satisfactory to the insurer.

You can see your doctor and just file for reimbursement but subject to 20% co-insurance.

There are only selected doctors that MedAsia accredited or are allowed to diagnose and treat its members. Also, it is best to discuss your health condition or problem to the MedAsia Coordinator/Liaison Officer so that he/she may assist you as to what particular specialist is appropriate for your medical concern.

Items not covered in our medical insurance are personal items like towel, pillow etc., room and board difference, and additional personal comfort such as telephone, TV, meals, etc.

Dental surgery and other related treatment or consultation are not covered except for those due to accidental injury.


The police report states the circumstances of the accident, details of occurrence and the identities of parties involved. It usually provides information on the party responsible for the accident if in involves other parties. It is a requirement in case of theft loss or claims involving third parties or major damage claims.

If there is no third party involved or the claim is not a theft claim or not a large loss, we accept a notarized affidavit.

Insurance valuation covers the established or confirmed damaged parts, on the other hand, the Dealer may include in their estimate anticipated damaged parts.

Please ensure that the shop’s service personnel acknowledge receipt of your vehicle and provide you a checklist before you leave your car. Thus, coordinate with your Claims Handler for monitoring of repair progress.

You can bring your car to the repairer after we have released our Letter of Authority to repair. Please note that our LOA has a validity period of 30 days upon issuance, so please advise our Claims Handler should you not able to have your unit repaired within the said period for re-validation.


This is the law that protects the Overseas Filipinos and Migrant Workers. It provides adequate and timely social, economic and legal services to Filipino migrant workers. It affords protection to labor–organized and unorganized, and promotes full employment and equal employment opportunities.

They mean the same thing. In the context of MWOFA of 1995, as amended, the terms OFW and migrant worker are used interchangeably.

The Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance is mandatory for agency-hired OFWs. It is not mandatory for direct-hired, name-hired, or re-hired OFWs. If interested they can also avail of this insurance.

To file a claim, the OFW, the OFW’s recruitment agency, or their beneficiary must contact the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance provider. Telephone numbers of the insurance companies can be found in the OFW’s proof of cover or contact cards. It is the ultimate responsibility of the recruitment agency to assist the OFW and/or the OFW Beneficiary in claiming the benefits. Then, a claim form must be filled-up and submitted to the insurance company. Attachments or documentary requirements must be submitted with the claim form. Refer to the specific question on each of the nine (9) benefits.

The OFW or the OFW Beneficiary must notify the recruitment agency of an event covered by the Agency-Hired OFW Compulsory Insurance. If the recruitment agency can’t be contacted, the insurance company can be directly contacted. The insurance companies have partner service providers that serve as the gateway of the OFWs in their host countries.


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