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Property Claim

  • Incident Report
  • Inventory List of insured properties damaged with corresponding valuation of repair or replacement, liens and encumbrances if any, and the estimated value of salvage
  • Pictures of damaged property, if applicable

Burglary / Housebreaking

  • Police Report
  • Affidavit of Loss / Incident Report
  • Signed Statement of Witness, If applicable
  • Inventory Report (for stocks / contents )
  • Pictures of damaged property, if applicable

Motor Car

  • Police Report / Affidavit of Accident / Accident Report
  • Photocopy of Driver’s License
  • Photocopy of the Insured’s Certificate of Registration (CR) and current Official Receipt (OR) of Registration
  • Clear photos of the damage/s sustained including vehicle’s plate number
  • Repair estimate (accident-related)


  • Claims Form
  • Medical Certificate / Medical Abstract / Operative Report (if any)
  • Original Hospital Statement of Account
  • Original Itemized Statement of Account/Charge Slips (Laboratory, Supplies, Medicines, etc.)
  • Original Official Receipts with TIN, BIR No and Date of ATP (Hospital Bills and Professional Fees)
  • Official Receipt of medicines bought outside the hospital during confinement including doctor’s prescription


  • Claims Form
  • Death Certificate issued by Local Civil Registry Office
  • PSA copy of Birth Certificate (Insured and beneficiaries)
  • PSA copy of Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Valid government ID

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